Welcome geeks and people who are trying to find answers to coding, photoshop and the like.

I created this site because I just couldn't take it anymore. I could no longer deal with trying to find online solutions on an internet which is riddled with bad design and ads.

I also thought it would be fun to post some great geek stuff.


Stop Hitting yourself

Stop Hitting yourselfYes, I know Iron Man had suits which were anti-Magneto. Just enjoy the joke, for

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Anthill Art

Anthill ArtHard to sit through the thousands of ants popping out of the hill dead. Ants have

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DionysusStill not sure if I would invite them in.

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No Parking

No ParkingStupid looting hordes...

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Starship Comparison Chart

Starship Comparison ChartSaturn V... still large.

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Best. Nativity. Ever.

Best. Nativity. Ever.Batman's pose is my favorite part.

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Admin Access for Wordpress in a SQL Database

PROBLEM:  You login to your Wordpress and someone, possibly your client, has removed

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How to Get a Mr. Rogers ID

How to Get a Mr. Rogers IDWell played, geekling. Well played.

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