Welcome geeks and people who are trying to find answers to coding, photoshop and the like.

I created this site because I just couldn't take it anymore. I could no longer deal with trying to find online solutions on an internet which is riddled with bad design and ads.

I also thought it would be fun to post some great geek stuff.


If Countries Were Students...

If Countries Were Students...Not sure about Australia. The rest are pretty spot on.

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3 Theories of Time Travel

3 Theories of Time TravelNumber two always make my eyes itch.

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Oscar Wilde

Oscar WildeThe wisdom of the great Oscar Wilde.

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viI remember vi. Oh, how I remember vi.

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Rory Williams

Rory WilliamsYeah, nobody else is going to beat that.

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Doctor Who Loves Weddings

Doctor Who Loves WeddingsThis does not surprise me.

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Great Manuscript

Great ManuscriptI had this problem when I was looking for a job. I was too good.

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Not Willingly

Not WillinglyI resemble this comment.

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When English Teachers Snap

When English Teachers SnapI would give her a light sentence.

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