Welcome geeks and people who are trying to find answers to coding, photoshop and the like.

I created this site because I just couldn't take it anymore. I could no longer deal with trying to find online solutions on an internet which is riddled with bad design and ads.

I also thought it would be fun to post some great geek stuff.


Helping Vigilantes

Helping VigilantesI usually get fired.

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This Kid is Going Places

This Kid is Going PlacesI hope this kid didn't get an X on this problem.

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Tiny Brontosauruses

Tiny BrontosaurusesWho has a collection of that many anteaters?

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When Do I Get a Costume?

When Do I Get a Costume?Put a little grease paint around his eyes and he will be unrecognizable.

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Phone Booths

Phone BoothsAnd the TARDIS doesn't stay in one place for very long.

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We Meet Again, Harry Potter

We Meet Again, Harry PotterI will never look at chocolate milk the same again.

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Kissing Siblings

Kissing SiblingsA little sickening.

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Ninjas and Pirates

Ninjas and PiratesNot so scared of pirates as I am the other three.

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Alien Eruptus

Alien EruptusThis one had me laughing for a good five minutes.

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Before Superheroes

Before SuperheroesI don't even want to know how hard it is to clean up after Toad.

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