Welcome geeks and people who are trying to find answers to coding, photoshop and the like.

I created this site because I just couldn't take it anymore. I could no longer deal with trying to find online solutions on an internet which is riddled with bad design and ads.

I also thought it would be fun to post some great geek stuff.


Star Wars Quotes

Star Wars QuotesEverything can be solved by using Star Wars quotes.

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WTF Cthulhu (NSFW)

WTF Cthulhu (NSFW)Sorry about the language, but this hits the mark if you have ever read Lovecraft.

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Life-sized Jenga

Life-sized JengaFrom the great Mike Rowe...

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Doctor Who Fortune

Doctor Who FortuneThe Doctor must have gone back in time to place this.

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Third Choice

Third ChoicePrince William is probably my second choice.

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RobocarRobocar help! I need ice cream.

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Totoro Bento Box

Totoro Bento BoxNom nom nom nom nom!

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You Had One Job

You Had One JobWho are the chefs? (Does anyone get that?)

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Death Pollen

Death PollenFrom the great George Takei...

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The Muse Most of Us Really Need

The Muse Most of Us Really NeedI need to find this person and employ them.

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