Often, I find myself spending hours trying to find a solution to a small bug in my software, coding, etc. One of the main reasons is because the pages that have my solution usually have a header 300px high above a forum where half the people insult your ignorance surrounded by ads. It is next to impossible to find anything of any use.

I finally got tired of it especially when I had to look up the same error a year later and couldn't remember the simple (or so I found out) solution. It still took me hours.

Chick GeekSo I create this site as its own solution to a larger internet problem... we can't see the box because of the pixels.

I will post solutions whenever I find them. There will be no rhyme or reason and no comments.  I do not want to junk this site up with too many people whining or asking additional questions. These are the solutions which worked for me and will probably work for you. If not, then you will have to continue your search ad infinitum on the clustered world wide web which looks like it has been designed by a broken down Spyder.

In addition to tips and solutions, I will also post the occasional geeky tidbit like cool shirts I bought or new gadgets I found.

Piece & Louvre!


I am a writer, cartoonist and computer engineer who has been working on the web since 1994, but playing around with it since the mid-80s when it was just alt boards. I have built hundreds of websites. Currently, I use WordPress to build sites for the ease it will give my customers and also the way it works with SEO and Google. It just makes sense. I am also an SEO expert working with SEO since 2004 as well as CPC marketing. All of this is boring. Why don't we put in Queen's Greatest Hits and read Good Omens until dessert time?