Call to undefined function check_url()

PROBLEM: When trying to install, update or use your Drupal website, you get a list of errors on pages mostly in the include folder. The code might look something like this: check_url($base).

SOLUTION: Remove check_url().

WHY: Check_URL() is used to make sure the resulting URL is valid.  The code around $base can be removed safely and it will not affect the page.

RECOMMENDATION: While I know that many people are comfortable with and may have to use Drupal, if you are building a new site or creating a new design, especially a simple business website, and you want to use a content management system, please consider using WordPress BEFORE you start to meddle with Drupal. The interface is user friendly and it is much easier to solve problems. The help documentation is also much better.  I would only use Drupal if you have the time to learn it, need a more robust back-end and are not bothered by a more complex set up. I am so tired of working on client sites which have been built in some complex way when all they needed was a simple html design.