The Haunting at Bodega Bay


Going through Petaluma, CA to get to Bodega Bay – we learn that Potter Schoolhouse was one of the film locations for the Alfred Hitchcock movie – The Birds. Potter Schoolhouse is supposed to be haunted with laughing school children. One resident says that a ghostly child that she calls Tricky Tom wears suspenders and has a maniacal smile on his face. Tricky Tom likes to stick his finger in your ear and his finger feels wet.

With Petaluma and Bodega Bay, there is plenty to explore. No wonder movies like The Birds 1963, Puppet Master 1989, The Pack 1977, The Fog 1980, The Goonies 1985, Sleepwalkers 1992 and I Know What You Did Last Summer 1997 were filmed here. The town of Bodega Bay is very picturesque. Port Rumyantsev was founded here in 1809 by Commerce Counselor Ivan Alexandrovich Kuskov. Michael Hunt, a tourist, says that in 1987, he saw 3 Russians talking to themselves, they were men and they looked very serious. One of the Russians looked at him and yelled “NYET!” When this happened the 3 Russians vanished in front of his very eyes. It startled him so much, that to this day he recalls the incident like it was yesterday. He feels the cold chills go right down his spine when he envisions the 3 Russians. GHOSTS IDENTIFIED: THE 3 RUSSIANS

Deanna and I made a stop at Two Rock Valley Presbyterian Church Cemetery. A little history: Two Rock Valley Presbyterian Church is located west of Petaluma, at the intersection of this beautiful country road that connects the inland to the coast. The church was chartered in 1860 and has existed on this site ever since. The first burial in this historic cemetery is recorded in 1860 and in 1865 this congregation helped found Tomales Presbyterian Church. Three church buildings have stood here over the years, the first was dedicated in March 1863. After it burned in 1895, a new sanctuary was created in 1896. Following another fire, the present church was built in 1953, with the later additions of a Fireside Room and Sunday School Rooms. Rumor has it that people have seen a vanishing crow that lands on a certain tombstone and when people approach the crow it vanishes. GHOST IDENTIFIED: VANISHING CROW.

After leaving the cemetery, we finally found a beach where it was easy walking distance. Steps were built into a cliff and you must be careful walking down to the beach. The beach is swarming with flies and seagulls. The seagulls enjoyed our Doritos and the sand flies were enjoying everything else. Deanna posing on a rock was actually taken by a large wave and swept away for a few minutes. She survived the wave attack and managed to get herself back on the beach soaking wet. According to one witness, there is a phantom surfer that is seen tackling the waves during the time of dusk and will be swallowed by a wave and not seen again. Could this have been a surfer that once surfed these waters and later drowned? GHOST IDENTIFIED: PHANTOM SURFER

Another place to check out is the Phoenix Theater, apparitions have been seen in the balcony. A woman ghost that wears a long flowing green dress, known by the witness as the lady ghost in green. There are reported strange sounds in the bathroom like someone is vomiting or coughing. GHOST IDENTIFIED: LADY GHOST IN GREEN.

Home of Jack London, author of The Call of the Wild. Some psychics see this house on fire and some visitors get a feeling of dread when entering this home. Shadow person was once seen clinging to the ceiling and startled the visitor so much, he ran out of the house screaming.

If you get the chance to Bodega Bay you will not be disappointed as the paranormal activity is everywhere...