Haunted Bordello in Kansas

Haunted Bordello

by Alisha Culbertson

A home at Main Street And Front Street in Galena has quite a history. The house was owned by the Stafflebacks in the 1890's. Local residents say they committed a number of murders in the home.

"There was rumored 30 to 50 murders that they had committed, but court records actually show 13 to 14 confirmed, yet they were only tried for 1," said Russell Keeler, Promotions.

The building was condemned and almost demolished, until Russell Keeler stepped in.

"It's a real popular intersection on Route 66 and the historical value of this location is now much better with the looks of this house," says Keeler.

The group is renovating everything from the inside out, and they say the changes aren't keeping the spirits away.

"Yeah it looked a little more haunted then, but as far as the investigations go, it is just as haunted, but now it's a lot prettier," says Keeler.

Keeler says he's not the only one to feel a presence.

"There was a kid standing behind me, said he had a real bad burning sensation on his back and the first thing that went through my mind was maybe he got scratched or something, well sure enough we had him turn around and shined the lights on his back and we could literally see the red marks forming on his back," states Keeler.

Discovery Channel's Paranormal Investigating TV show, "Ghost Lab" recently visited the house. The "Ghost Adventure" crew is planning to shoot a TV show within the next couple of months. The restoration is expected to be completed by mid April. The house will be open to tours during the day and paranormal investigations at night.

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Globe/Roger Nomer One of the historic fixtures left in the Steffleback house is the hand-made bannister.

One of the historic fixtures left in the Steffleback house is the hand-made bannister.
Globe/Roger Nomer

Haunted Bordello