Haunted Shreveport Byrd High School

Shreveport Byrd High School

Shreveport Byrd High School

If you believe half of the eerie stories about Shreveport's C.E. Byrd High School you might call it "haunted high." Some say the ghost of a young girl along with an ROTC Sgt. have made themselves known in the school. Legend has it the girl and Sgt. died in the school.

The basement of the school is called the "catacombs" by past and present teachers and students thus adding to the spookiness surrounding the school.

"Some say they have seen people moving around, but I've never seen anything," says assistant principal Greg Panos.

The stories behind the ghost are legendary, books have been written about them and websites have documented several experiences. There are also reports of cold spots in various areas of the school and the basement. Cold spots normally indicate the presence of a spirit or ghost.

One of the most popular ghost the one of a girl who supposedly drowned in Byrd's olympic sized school pool in the 1930's. There is no pool in the school today, but one did exist in the 1930's. We searched the internet, books and documents in LSUS archives. The activities, pranks and history of the school in the 30's is well documented but there is no mention of a girl who drowned in the pool. According to our research it seems that the story behind the young girl ghost was made up.

We shift our ghost hunting fact finder mission to the legendary ghost of the man who

shot himself in the school. We again looked at books documenting the school at that time and they reveal no mention of the incident; however we were taken to the room where it might have happened, an ROTC gun range room in the school. The gun range is fully functional to this day used by students who fire pellets with rifles.

We dug deeper to find out if the legend behind the ROTC Sgt. story is true. We searched the Shreveport Times on micro-film and found the story in Wednesday's paper from October, 17, 1962.

The article said Master Sgt. Will Stubblefield died from a self inflicted .22 caliber bullet to the left side of his face.

M. Sgt. Stubblefield was the Military Science instructor at Byrd High school. The article goes on to say the M. Sgt. was found dead by a student in the school firing range. The coroner ruled his death accidental. We believe we finally found an actual person who has been paired with a legendary ghost who supposedly roams the halls and basement of Byrd High School, creating cold spots and the unexplained sounds of gunfire.