Haunted Stockport



The old St. Thomas hospital in Stockport, England, is widely believed to be haunted, and what the British call “derelict.” That is, the haunted hospital is abandoned, and creepily vacant since 2004, following well over a century of being a horrific work house and hospital.

But while the day to day activities of livings humans has ceased in the haunted St. Thomas Hospital, the day to day hauntings by ghosts from those deceased in the hospital’s past apparently remain, reports the The Daily Mail.

Jamie-Leigh Brown, 21, had gone into the spooky haunted hospital with some friends for “a laugh,” though much of the history of the building is anything but funny.

“We’d only gone into the workhouse for a laugh and to look around,” said Jamie-Leigh. “We kept hearing noises above us like shuffling and footsteps but hadn’t actually seen anything.”

The haunted hospital has had its share of worker riots, death, and other dark times dating back to the 1800s, and Jamie-Leigh seems to have captured an eerie reflection of those times in the form of a ghost that showed up in a picture she snapped.

The phantom figure peers back from an empty elevator shaft, over the shoulder of Jamie-Leigh’s friend. Neither Jamie-Leigh nor her friends had been in that area, and in fact were all busy being terrified by the inexplicable footsteps echoing through the haunted hospital’s halls at the time.

A ghostly presence lurks beyond a friend of Jamie-Leigh Brown in an allegedly haunted hospital in England.

A ghostly presence lurks beyond a friend of Jamie-Leigh Brown in an allegedly haunted hospital in England.

Because they were already so frightened, Jamie-Leigh and her friends made a quick exit from the haunted hospital not long after they’d arrived, and just after she had snapped the ghostly picture. The bizarre sounds of footsteps and other noises surrounding them had the ladies sincerely spooked, particularly since there were also footsteps overhead, despite none of the hospital’s stairways being usable.

The panicked departure also left no time for Jamie-Leigh to look at her pictures, until later, at which time the apparent ghost in the photo appeared, sending chills up Jamie-Leigh’s spine.

“It freaked me out,” Jamie-Leigh told The Sun, reacting to the apparent ghost in her photo, who some believe could be the ghost of a doctor in a smock, left behind to haunt the hospital.

“It’s standing in a lift shaft,” continued Jamie-Leigh.”It’s really creepy to think my friend was just heading towards the area where the ghost was.”

Other ghost and phantom-like sightings at the site include a “radiant woman dressed as a nurse or a nun,” reports Parnormaldatabase.com.

The building is believed to have been built around 1841, housing hundreds of inmates as a “workhouse” where prisoners labored in horrendous, crowded, and sickly conditions. The building was then transformed into Shaw Heath Hospital where many thousands of “psychiatric patients” were housed.

The haunted hospital and former workhouse has also been featured on the ghost and other-things-that-go-bump-in-the-night program, Most Haunted.

So if you’re looking for a ghost, the abandoned and haunted St. Thomas hospital in England might not be a bad place to start.

[Image by Jamie-Leigh Brown, via The Sun, and Urbex Forums]

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