Haunted Tamworth


AN already dead caretaker still doing the rounds, mysterious hands prodding you in the back and a strong smell of lavender coming from a female spirit – Tamworth Assembly Rooms is haunted (apparently) and brave Tammies are being invited to take part in an upcoming ghost hunt.

Tamworth-based company Eerie Evenings are bringing their paranormal-themed event to the Assembly Rooms next week to try and discover whether or not any ghostly goings-on are still occurring inside the 125-year-old building.

Eerie evenings were formed in 2005 when they brought their ghost hunting spectacular to The Moat House.

Since then they have toured up and down the country in their quest to discover haunted hideaways.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Our first ever public event was held at The Moat House in Tamworth way back in 2005. As we are celebrating our 10th year of business this year, it seems fitting that we return to the town where it all began.”

The Assembly Rooms has had reports of mysterious activity over the years.

In the 1950s an amateur drama group would often hear footsteps walking around the building, especially on stage and through the orchestra pit.

Several members of the group actually saw the apparition of a gentleman accompanying these footsteps, apparently recognizing him as an old caretaker who had recently died.

In the late 80s, during daylight hours, a member of staff witnessed an old man going into the toilets. As the venue wasn’t open yet, they told another member of staff who went to check it out, but upon entering the toilets there was no-one there, even though there was nowhere else the man could have gone. Was this the old caretaker, perhaps still doing the rounds even after his death?

Around the same time, in the early hours of the morning before a performance, two lighting technicians were working in the main auditorium, only for a man to appear on the stage and stand motionless for a few seconds before disappearing.

Around ten years ago, the Assembly Rooms cleaner would regularly report having been ‘tapped’ or ‘prodded’ by unseen hands in the backstage area. She shrugged such incidents off until one day when she was physically pushed over, at which point she decided that enough was enough and promptly quit, never to return.

This area is allegedly haunted by a female spirit, who is very rarely seen but apparently makes her presence known through a strong smell of lavender – a phenomenon often reported in haunted buildings, possibly because it was such a popular scent used by ladies throughout history.

More recently the front of house manager has regularly seen shadowy movements out of the corner of his eye while in the building, but believes the strangest incident occurred when he was stacking chairs in the auditorium, only to find the stack had moved to the other side of the room, an experience which he struggles to find explanation for.

The Eerie Evenings event is the first of its kind at the Assembly Rooms and it takes place on Saturday, March 7, running from 9pm until 3am.

The ghost hunt includes platform readings, ghostly tales, paranormal investigations and an opportunity to use ghost-hunting equipment. Refreshments will be provided throughout.

For more information or to purchase tickets for the event, contact Eerie Evenings direct on: 0845 201 3994 or visit www.eerie-evenings.com.