Haunting ‘child ghost’ photo

Ghost Child

The adults in this photo claim only three children were in the water. There is debate over the mysterious fourth child, located at the back of the group.

A FAMILY photo taken at Lockyer Creek near Helidon has caused an online stir because of claims it captures a ghost.

The photo appears to show two adults and four children playing in the water.

However, the adults at the creek claim there were only three children in the water when the photo was taken.

The fourth child, situated at the back of the group between the two adults, appears very pale and blurred.

The photo was posted on Toowoomba Ghost Chaser's Facebook page and has caused debate over the mysterious fourth child.

Jessie Lu appears in the photo and is adamant there were only three children at the creek on the day in question.

"We have had two IT specialists look at this photo," she said.

"At the time of taking this photo there was nothing between us.

"The older girl had trouble in the water on two occasions that day.

"And if you have a closer look at this photo there are quite a few extra faces in the water."

One of the people commenting on the photo on Facebook posted a link to an old newspaper clipping that reported a drowning in Lockyer Creek in November 1915.

The report states that the drowning occurred at a location known as Murphy's Hole, "which has always been considered dangerous" because it was more than 20-feet deep.