Hide “Similar to” on Facebook

PROBLEM: Whenever you like a post, it gives you suggestions of other posts/people/pages you may like under the heading of "Similar to..." which expands the content on the page and pretty much junks up the timeline even more.

SOLUTION: Install Social Fixer. (I have been using it for several years and it makes Facebook so much more bearable.) Click on CSS on the Social Fixer options.  Paste the following code, save and refresh.

/* Hide "Similar to" popup thats displayed when you like a "fan pages" posts*/
div._5j5u {display:none}
pages-similar-to {display:none}
apps-similar-to {display:none}
pages-recommended-for {display: none}

NOTE: Social Fixer is not IE compliant.  If you use IE, you should look for another solution like FB Purity.

UPDATE: Facebook updated there site in March 2014, so I updated the CSS.  So far, it is working.  If they do it again in the future, I will update this solution.