Twins’ Mummified Bodies Found in Chattanooga


Identical twins' mummified remains were found sitting in recliners in a living room this weekend in Chattanooga, according to WRCB-TV.

Chattanooga police told WRCB they believe Andrew and Anthony Johnson, 63, died in early 2011 based on the bodies' conditions, a receipt, and a mostly unused 12-pack of Coke sitting on the kitchen counter.

WRCB reported the twins' sister tried to check on her brothers in August and September 2011, but police wouldn't go into the house. Two and a half years later, the sister's husband asked police to check on his brother-in-laws again, but police refused. The brother-in-law found a copy of the house key, and went to the twins' home on Acorn Court where he found the remains on Saturday.

Both men were severe diabetics, and officials said there were no obvious signs of trauma or foul play.

Someone has been mowing the lawn, and the mailbox has not been overflowing, according to WRCB. Hamilton County property tax records showed unpaid taxes for the Acorn Court address for 2010-2013.