Outlook 2003 Asks for Yahoo Password Repeatedly

PROBLEM: Outlook 2003 suddenly asks for your password even though it has always worked in the past.

SOLUTION: This is all for a PC.  First, check to make sure you don't have any updates to your computer that need to be installed.

Second, try logging into your account via a browser.  If that doesn't work, then you have a password problem with Yahoo.

If it does work, then something is wrong on Outlooks end, but it still might mean Yahoo changed something.  (That's always fun.)

Go to Help -> Detect and Repair just to make sure something hasn't gone all wonky in you Outlook preferences file.  (It will install software on your computer.)

Go to Tools -> E-mail Accounts -> View or Change Existing E-mail Accounts.

Choose the account you want to change and click CHANGE.

The first thing you want to change is the password.  Type in the correct password in case it got corrupted.

Make sure your settings are set correctly at this Yahoo help page.  Also check the Yahoo Mail POP Settings.

I have found that sometimes the port changes for no reason whatsoever, so be sure to try each port number under MORE SETTINGS in Outlook.

Under Outgoing Mail Server, Make sure you select the radio button that says USE SAME SETTINGS AS MY INCOMING SERVER.  Otherwise, your e-mail will probably stay in your SENT folder.

Click TEST ACCOUNT SETTINGS to see if everything goes through.  If it doesn't, change another port setting until you have either found one that works or gone through them all.  If you find one which works, click NEXT at the bottom of the pop up window and save.

If it doesn't work, you probably have a corrupted account profile.  I usually just delete the E-mail Account by using the BACK button until I get to the first screen on the pop up.  Then I rebuild it using the Yahoo Help Pages above.

If that doesn't work, close OUTLOOK and go to your your START MENU in the bottom left hand corner.  Click on CONTROL PANEL.  Click on MAIL.  (I just show icons on my Control Panel.  If you do not, then you will have to search for it.)  Delete your old account and make a new one following the instructions above.  Click TEST ACCOUNT SETTINGS.

If you get an error that OUTLOOK cannot send a test message, but everything else is working, go ahead and click NEXT and SAVE.  Then close MAIL and open Outlook.  You should be able to SEND and RECEIVE.

If it still doesn't work, browse the web and see if you can find another solution or call Microsoft or your ISP.  Sometimes ISPs put up a firewall or change their settings.

REASON: (via Slipstick)

  1. Outlook is locked out because another device is checking mail.
  2. The server names or port numbers are wrong.
  3. Outlook needs an App Password, not your real password.
  4. Your profile is corrupt.
  5. The stored password could be corrupt.