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Life-sized Tie Fighter


The last we saw of Darth Vader's prototype Tie Advanced fighter, it was spinning off into space while the first Death Star exploded into sparks and high fives. Plus, that was just a model (or a piece of CG). So really, it's only now that some crazy Germans have built a life-sized version of the ship, that we get a real good look at it. (more…)


Wookies in Real Life

Wookies can’t spend all their time hanging out with hotshot smugglers and shooting stormtroopers.

Photographer Mako Miyamoto aka “neon werewolf” has taken some giant hairy wookiee masks and placed them on people in everyday situations.

They’re doing things like roller-skating, yoga, having a lovely dinner with the family, doing karate on the beach, rising from the dead and murdering people in cars.

Wookies in Real Life (more…)


Tatooine-Like Alien Planets Could Host Life


By Miriam Kramer

Luke Skywalker would be proud. Planets like Skywalker's fictional home of Tatooine in the "Star Wars" movie series might have more potential for habitability than planets in other systems, research suggests. (more…)


Star Trek vs. Star Wars over SF Bay

I have issue with this for several reasons, mostly because it doesn't look like the CGI designers thought about feasibility and the affects of a starship upon their surroundings on earth.  I also think Enterprise would have been much more aggressive than just sitting there and taking it.


Horrifying Implications of ‘Star Trek’ Universe

Star Trek Captains

By J.F. Sargent, Kier Harris

Star Trek presents us with a glittering, hopeful future full of worldwide peace and cooperation, scientific achievement, and universal discovery. It's a utopian society wherein all races (black, white, human, or alien) and genders (male, female, or alien-with-boobs) are considered equal. However, there are some horrible implications behind all the awesome technology and progressive ideology that are never addressed, probably because they make everyone in Star Trek look like incompetent goofs, closeted racists, or burgeoning sociopaths. (more…)


Remains Of Star Wars’ Tattooine Set


Recently, Kathleen Kennedy announced that J.J. Abrams’ wildly anticipated Star Wars: Episode VII would film the bulk of its sequel in noted UK studios including Shepperton, Elstree and Pinewood. The producer mentioned that previously Star Wars films shot scenes at these facilities, and it was their desire to tap into the series’ rich history as they embark on a new challenge and tell original stories. (more…)


Star Wars vs. Doctor Who Brawl

Star Wars vs. Doctor Who
This amazing art is from drombyb.

Star Wars fans and Doctor Who fans had to be separated by police after a brawl threatened to break out at a special sci-fi convention.

More than a dozen fans from the rival groups – including several in fancy dress – were involved in bitter exchanges outside the venue. (more…)


Laser-Cut Falcon Puzzle

Millennium Falcon

The love for Star Wars will never die and nor will the endless list of cool Star Wars merchandize. And nothing can be more exciting than building your own metallic Millennium Falcon and R2-D2 from scratch. (more…)


Princess Leia hologram could become reality

May the force be with you … the Princess Leia hologram in Star Wars. Similar technology could soon be available on smartphones

By Ian Sample

Scientists have created a glasses-free, 3D display that could mimic the famous hologram projection of Princess Leia in the original 1977 Star Wars film.

The display is small and light enough to work on mobile phones, and produces images that appear in 3D even when viewed from different angles, the scientists said. (more…)




AT-AT-VW is a custom-built a brilliant LEGO mashup by Denmark-based LEGO design lead Craig Callum that merges an AT-AT walker from Star Wars with a classic Volkswagen Bus. It was photographed last year by BrickJournal. We have previously written about a real-life Volkswagen Bus that was transformed into an AT-AT walker.


RIP: Ray Harryhausen (1920 – 2013)

Ray Harryhausen

Ray Harryhausen, who brought sword-fighting skeletons to the 1963 movie Jason and the Argonauts and was known as the master of stop-motion animation for his work on that and other films such as Clash of the Titans and The Golden Voyage of Sinbad, has died. (more…)


Man Arrested Assaulting Stormtrooper, Ghostbuster

Stormtrooper Ghostbuster

By Alex Barber

A Westbrook man was Tasered by police on Saturday after allegedly assaulting a man dressed as a Stormtrooper and another man dressed as a Ghostbuster.

Adam Barnes, 31, was arrested on State Street after assaulting two people in costume and threatening police, said Portland police Lt. Gary Hutcheson. (more…)


Top Stories: April 2013

In April 2013, these are the articles I posted which got the most traffic.

1. Surprise for New Homeowners - 201,849 page views

An amusing meme about a prank a current house owner set up for the next tenant is priceless. It went viral and greatly exceeded my expectations as well as bringing new viewers.

2. Ninjas - 6,216 page views

This is one of my favorite posts.  It's very funny and intellectual. I couldn't get the joke to actually work for me, but who cares?

3. Word of Sauron - 3,280 page views

I love the Lord of the Rings saga and I hate people who thrust their religion down your throat, so this image of a Nazgûl spreading the word of Sauron was a win-win for me.

4. Leia and Chewbacca: A Love Story - 1,197 page views

I really thought this was funny and charming.  The behind the scenes and photo shoots of the Star Wars franchise are priceless. I also liked Luke Licks Leia and Star Wars Triangle.

5. Why Two Sticks? - 822 page views

Originally posted by the GREAT George Takei on Facebook, I added a better looking photo and posted it.  For one who barely bothers to try to eat with chopsticks, this made almost as much sense, I could completely commiserate.

6. Orange-spotted Tiger Clearwing - 765 page views

Nature is so amazing.

7. World's Biggest Rattlesnake - 467 page views

Boy sees snake. Boy decides: live or die? Boy shoots snake. Boy realizes snake is the largest most people have ever seen in the US.

8. Fossil Older Than Oxygen on Earth Found in Australia - 414 page views

Not a good article to read if you are a creationist.  Nope. Nope. Nope.

9. In the Shadow of Thor's Hammer - 395 page views

I am not making fun of Stan Lee.  Just Mjolnir.

10. Competitive Wood Planing - 374 page views

Bizarre competition and rabid Japanese contenders. What's not to love?


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