Tracking Conversions to Landing Pages

PROBLEM: I want to be able to count how many people clicked on the conversion button on my Unbounce landing page to go to a form page.

SOLUTION: Create a form which goes to a new URL once you submit it.

WHY: The submission of a form in Unbounce counts as a conversion.

PROBLEM #1: You can only have one form on an Unbounce page. Therefore, if you have two or more places you want to put a call-to-action on a page, you can only track one of them using this method.

PROBLEM #2: All forms have to have one unhidden field. Create a text field called "reqField". Change the properties for this form to the following: W: 1, L: 920, T: 7. This will move the form to the top right. (L should b more than the width of your page.) UNCHECK "Position Submit Button Automatically." You can then move the button to wherever you want on the page.