Viewing Variant URLs in Unbounce

PROBLEM: You want to send a URL of a variant page in Unbounce to a colleague for review, but you don't want to make the weight 100%.

SOLUTION: Save the variant and close to editor. Change the weight of the variant to 1%. Republish the page. Use the following URL display to view the variant.

http://<Champion URL>/<Variant Letter>.html

Example: where the Champion URL is and the Variant Letter is e.

WHY: The page has to be "live" to trigger the code, but it will rarely appear to your viewers.

ADDITIONAL SOLUTION: Keep in mind, the page is still live. If you want to go this route, make sure you are prepared for quick review and edits.  Otherwise, I would recommend a screenshot if you are worried a user will be able to access this page. (Probably not a big deal for low traffic sites, but extremely important if you have high traffic on the page.)